Career Pathways Institute helps students follow the path to an exciting career!

ManufacturingThe mission of Career Pathways Institute is to prepare motivated learners for career pathways that lead to employment and continued learning.

Students are introduced to career exploration as early as 6th grade and are introduced to the various pathways while as 8th graders. Introductory classes for each pathway are taught during the freshman and sophomore years.

Qualifying students are admitted to pathway programs as juniors and seniors and attend three-hour classes. By spending half the day at the their respective high schools and the other half at Career Pathways Institute, students receive a more focused learning approach.

Morning sessions begin at 7:45 and end at 10:30; afternoon sessions begin at 12:15 and conclude at 3:00.

To create the feeling of an actual workforce environment, students must ‘clock-in’ using their student ID. In order to stay in the program, students attending all Career Pathways Institute campuses must maintain a good attendance record and grade level.

The Career Pathways Institute is designed to accept qualifying students from other districts. These students must arrange their own transportation and their high school must arrange their schedule to accommodate the morning or afternoon pathways sessions. They will then graduate from their home high school and the Career Pathways Institute.  

Thanks to the partnership between Grand Island Public Schools and Central Community College, students may enroll in dual credit courses. This allows them to apply high school credits towards earning a diploma or certificate in their chosen pathway. Scholarships made available by the generosity of many community donors help offset some of the costs of the dual credit courses.

Once students graduate from high school and have completed their pathway program, they can either enter the workforce at that level, or pursue an Associates or Bachelors degree in their chosen field.

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