Business, Marketing & Administration

Marketing & Management

Marketing & Management

Program Instructors:

  • Kyle Carder
  • Asel Grap
  • Mary Racicky
  • Adam Zlomke

Program Rationale:

The role of marketing in business education has greater importance as students become more intuitive about marketing influences at younger ages.  Marketing education introduces students to the processes involved in providing products and services that meet consumer needs, wants, and desires.  As a major business discipline, marketing impacts local, domestic, and international economies.

Program Description:

Students will explore the basic functions of marketing: pricing, promotion, product planning, place distribution and the marketing mix.  The curriculum provides the foundational skills and knowledge in economics, communication skills/interpersonal skills, professional career development, business, management, and entrepreneurship.  Application of academic concepts and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum.

This course develops students understanding and skills promotion, channel management, marketing information management, market planning, pricing and product/service management.  The curriculum utilizes communication, team building, and problem-solving skills while applying academic and critical-thinking strategies.  Application of academic concepts and technology are integrated throughout the curriculum enhancing career and professional development.


Course Information

Grade Level

10, 11,  & 12


1-4 Semesters

Admission Criteria

Complete on-line Career Pathway Application

Pathway Courses

  • Marketing
  • Marketing Management
  • College Principles of Marketing
  • College Introduction to Entrepreneurship (Spring)
  • Entrepreneurship


Careers in this pathway are in the fields of marketing management, professional sales, buying and merchandising, marketing communications, promotion, marketing information, management, distribution and logistics, marketing research, and e-marketing.

Entry Level Salary

$12-$15 per hour

Student Organization

SkillsUSA/Future Business Leaders of America


Introduction to Business – 9th Grade