Human Services & Education

Education & Training

Program Instructor:

  • Diane McCray

Program Rationale:

Education and teaching positions in pre, elementary, and secondary schools are expected to increase at a steady rate in the future. During the next decade, geographic factors, subject expertise, and grade level will affect the availability of education and teaching jobs. Since many teachers are at retirement age, the majority of new teachers will fill these vacant job openings.

Program Description:

This program helps students explore the Human Sciences and Education career field. Students will gain knowledge about education and training, human growth and development, and early childhood education. Students will be exposed to a variety of professionals in the field and have the opportunity for field experience.

Introduction Course

  • Human Growth and Development 3524 / CCC-ECED 1270

Intermediate Courses

  • Child Development 0907
  • Exploring Education CPI0606

Senior Year Courses

  • Experiencing Teaching I CPI0636 / CCC Credit TBA
  • Experiencing Teaching II CPI0636S / CCC Credit TBA

Various Education & Training Service Electives:

Athletic Office 803, Business Office 804, Reading Tutor 806, Counselor Officer 810, Media Service Aide 820, Teacher Aide at GISH 828/829, Computer Media Aide 821/823, Indra Mentor 807

Course Information


4 semesters or more


Early Childhood, Elementary / Secondary Teacher, Parent Educator, School Counselor, Librarian, Human Resources Trainer, School Administrator, Human Services

Entry Level Salary

Median Teacher Salary $55,000

Student Organization

FEA – Future Educators of America

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