Skilled & Technical Sciences



Program Instructors:

  • Michael Snell CCC

Program Rationale:

With the continuous need of skilled and knowledgeable employees in the welding industry, this pathway will help provide employees that are trained and work ready.  Students will be provided with the opportunities to learn in a state of the art welding lab while learning the trade and becoming work ready for successful transition into a future career or continuing their education.

Program Description:

This program is designed for a student who has a desire to learn about the welding industry. The student will become proficient in the gas metal arc welding process (GMAW). He or she will become knowledgeable and skilled welding mild steel in all positions on various joints using different shielding gases. Students may have the opportunity to tour several local welding shops. Students work on school and customer related projects, advancing at their own pace in a supervised, hands-on environment. This program has an outstanding job placement rate.

Course Information


2-4 semesters

Criterion to be considered for admission include

EXPLORE test taken as an 8th grader or Asset, Compass, or ACT Test; 2.0 grade point average; 10 absences or less; behavior record, and recommendations


Welder, pipe fitter, Quality Control, Manager, Weld Inspector

Entry Level Salary

$15-$18 per hour

Student Organization        



Introduction to Built Environment 1000EA0 (9th and 10th Graders)

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