What is the Career Pathways Institute? (CPI)

CPI is an educational opportunity for students to be both career and college ready. It provides technical skill training and integrated academics in the following career pathways: Information Technology; Manufacturing; Welding; Architecture and Construction; Transportation; Hospitality and Tourism; Health Sciences; Business Management and Administration; Arts; A/V Technology and Communications; and Education and Training.

What will it cost me?

Students may enroll in introductory courses as a freshman or sophomore without charge for the course. Some courses will require a fee for tools and other supplies. Students then apply to the Institute for their Junior and Senior year without charge for the courses. Students may take the course for college credit through Central Community College (CCC) with a tuition fee. Scholarships will be available for tuition and tools and other needed supplies specific to the career pathway.

What classes will I take?

Students will need to take an introductory course or courses as a freshman or sophomore to determine which pathway they want to pursue as a junior. The student must take a minimum of two or more courses to complete a pathway. Students attending at the Adams Street campus will attend for a half-day either in the morning or afternoon. Career Pathways programs of study are included on the web page.

Where and when will I take classes?

Career pathway programs will be offered at three different campuses: Adams Street, GISH, and CCC. Courses will be offered in a variety of ways. Some courses will be a 50-minute class at GISH, a half-day at Adams Street or at CCC, or via an on-line format or distance learning at GISH.

Will these classes transfer?

GIPS has articulation agreements with Central Community College (CCC) to ensure that credits will transfer towards an associate degree. CCC maintains transfer agreements with a number of colleges and has formal transfer agreements with several institutions.

How will I apply?

Students need to enroll in an introductory course as a freshman or sophomore. They need to work with their counselor to enroll. Students will then apply to a Career Pathway program during their sophomore year, by completing an online application available on the web site. Once the application is submitted, it will be reviewed and then the student will be contacted for an interview. 

Will I need to take a test to be accepted?

Criterion to be considered for admission include: EXPLORE test taken as an 8th grader or Asset, Compass, or ACT Test; 2.0 grade point average; 10 absences or less; behavior record, and recommendations.

Where will I learn about jobs and the career I am interested in?

Students can work with their counselor to review their interest inventory from the EXPLORE test taken as an 8thgrader and develop their personal learning plan. Students have access to Career Connections that is a web based career exploration resource.

Why should I consider a Career Pathway?

The Career Pathway Institute programs of study are designed to prepare motivated learners for careers leading to employment and continued learning. Students are expected to participate in student organizations that promote leadership, problem solving, and collaboration. Each pathway will have a credential, certificate of completion, and/or college credits that will support the student in entering the world of work or college on completion of high school.